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Speak Up

Report Misconduct
and ethical violations

We encourage everyone in the HiClimb community to report any ethical violations or inappropriate conduct through this platform. Complaints submitted through this platform are sent directly to the owners of HiClimb. Upon receiving a complaint, the owners determine the severity of the infraction, document the complaint information, and assign an unbiased investigator to use all resources possible to review and adjudicate the complaint.

If you suspect abuse or neglect of a minor of a sexual or nonsexual nature we encourage you to contact Child Welfare Intact Hawaii (1800-494-3991) or the police department. 

1. Once a complaint is received:

It is processed depending on whether the complaint is:

  • Anonymous

  • Non-anonymous 

  • Required third-party review

2. Investigator:

An investigator is identified who will complete the reporting process and investigate.


3. Notification:

Investigator notifies complainant and respondent in writing or in person that HiClimb has received the complaint and outlines next steps.


4. Investigation:

Non-anonymous investigation

  • find facts

  • communicate directly with the complainant and respondent to establish a restorative approach

  • send a report to the owners

Anonymous investigation

  • find  facts

  • suggest corrective or restorative actions

  • send a report to the owners

Investigation in which a single investigator can not be impartial

  • assign a committee to investigate

  • find facts

  • suggest corrective or restorative actions

  • send a report to the owners

5. Action taken:

HiClimb will take the appropriate restorative action and notify the complainant and respondent. These actions could include but are not limited to

  • termination of employment

  • banning individual from entering HiClimb

  • contacting the authorities


6. Appeals:

If a respondent believes there has been an error in the process, they may appeal the decision by submitting a written Request for Appeal to the HiClimb investigator, the committee, or the owners via or in person.

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