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membership change request

Please select from the options below:

Please allow at least 2 business days for response.

1. Freezing a membership incurs a $10 per month fee for monthly members or a $5 per week fee for weekly members. Memberships can only be frozen at the start of a billing cycle (monthly or weekly) and must be frozen for a minimum of 1 cycle. If you are freezing due to military orders please upload your orders to waive the freezing fees. 

2. There is no fee for cancelation. However, memberships should be canceled at the end of a billing cycle (monthly or weekly) 
to avoid the following billing cycle charges.

3. Unfreezing can not be scheduled more than a week in advance. Please submit a separate request to unfreeze your membership. After the first seven days of a subsequent month of freezing your membership will be pro-rated for the remainder of the month. A membership must be frozen for at least one month to have an unfreezing prorated. 

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