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Class offerings


Universal Yoga

The Universal Yoga method, created by Andrey Lappa, integrates all systems of Yoga. In this class, you’ll be guided through special sequencing of Asana combined with Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa focuses on alignment and breath. Designed to strengthen and challenge mind and body. In this class, you’ll be guided through a series of postures moving seamless using breath, known as flow.

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Slow Flow/Deep stretch

The Slow Flow/Deep Stretch class works connecting deep stretching, and breath to movement. This guided exercise enhances recovery and strengthens your mental focus

for climbing.

participant levels

Beginner (I)

  • Has had little exposure to yoga.

  • Looking for explicit demonstration of alignment and needs adjustments.

  • Eager to learn slow-paced fundamental poses and use of breath.

  •  Has rarely practiced yoga or is re-initiating into it. 

Intermediate (II)

  • Familiar with yoga fundamental vocabulary and postures.

  • Still may require demonstration and adjustments.

  •  Looking to become more comfortable with a wider variety of postures and styles of yoga.

  • Understands the relationship between breath and movement.

  •  Practices yoga intermittently.

Advanced (III)

  • Very familiar with yoga vocabulary, postures, and alignment.

  •  Needs little demonstration and adjustments.

  • Comfortable with performing more advanced asana (posture).

  • Has mastered the connection between breath and movement.

  • Practice yoga regularly.

Class Schedule


Universal Yoga (all) with Jovan


Vinyasa (II) with Andrew



Universal Yoga (II & III) with Jovan


Vinyasa (I & II) with Sarah


Slow Flow/ Deep Stretch (all) w/ Sarah



Vinyasa (I & II) with Star


Vinyasa (I & II) with Kim


Vinyasa (I & II) with Kim



Vinyasa (I & II) with Janee


Slow Flow/ Deep Stretch (all) with Star



Slow Flow/ Deep Stretch (all) with Janee



Vinyasa (II) with Andrew



Universal Yoga (II & III) with Jovan


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Meet your instructors


Andrew Buckley

Andrew was born and raised in Northern California and moved to Oahu in 2014. He began his yoga practice back in 2016 and began getting his certifications in 2019. He began by getting "Sculpt Yoga" certified through CorePower Yoga and proceeded to get a 200hr yoga certification at the same studio, which was received in December 2019. During leisure time, Andrew enjoys being outdoors, live music, practicing yoga, art, and anything food-related.


Kim Chu

Born and raised in Hawaii, Kim began her yoga journey in 2009 when her sister took her to her first hot yoga class at Bikram Yoga Honolulu, now known as The Yoga Room.  Since then, she has added vinyasa and ashtanga, along with meditation to her practice.  Being very active, yoga helps to balance all the stresses being done both physically and mentally to her body. Away from her mat, Kim is a Civil Engineer. “Yoga is the polar opposite of my 9 to 5, which is what I love about it! It helps keep me balanced!” Kim completed her RYT 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training in the spring of 2018 at HotYoga8 and has been teaching ever since.


Sarah Osborne

Sarah Osborne is a 200hr ERYT Yoga Instructor, a yoga blogger, and a lover of adventure! She first started yoga in college and has been practicing and teaching ever since. Sarah loves exploring what her body and mind are capable of and feels most at home on her yoga mat. When she was nineteen, Sarah invested in her first teacher training at Seva Yoga in Grand Rapids Michigan where she learned about the philosophies of the practice, the physical postures, and the energetic body. With her knowledge of anatomy and the body's energetic systems, Sarah's classes focus on building healthy strength and mobility.

Jovan Hannigan

Seamlessly intune with the mind, body, and spirit connection throughout childhood, Jovan turned to yoga during the most difficult time when this connection felt lost due to a chronic shoulder dislocation. He was compelled to travel to Koh Samui, Thailand achieving his first 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification with Vikasa Yoga Academy in 2018. Jovan was then recommended to the practice of Ashtanga where his research led him to Down Under School of Yoga. The physical nature of the Ashtanga practice allows Jovan to face himself each day while cultivating self compassion because “Self Discipline is an act of Self Love". He went back to Thailand to not only deepen his practice spiritually but to guide and inspire others to continue the process of spiritual growth and evolution. Jovan is now registered as a 500hr RTY. 


Star Brown

Yoga was first introduced to her in sports camp where her aunt Roxy taught a group of girls, including herself, the ways of yoga. In 2012, she chose to take a leap of faith. She moved to Hawaii knowing she wanted to heal and be healed by the mana of this aina so she received her certification to massage and began to help people feel well. She continued with her yoga practice trying out various styles from Hatha to Bikram to Vinyasa flow. From there, she got her

200hr YTT. Star offers all levels yoga with a bit of a funky flow. Her wish for her participants is to feel lighter and cultivate their yoga practice in a supportive and safe community.


Janee Gutierrez

Janee has spent over a year living abroad in various countries, is a small business owner, a Chula Vista native, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an energy worker, and yoga instructor.