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Yoga teacher teaching pranayama and breathing techniques in a yoga class

The Most Affordable Membership on Island


Improving peoples lives through diversity, discipline, and devotion

Whether a beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or an avid climber, there are 30+ weekly classes designed to find balance in your life.


Experience Discipline and Devotion

Ashtanga is a commitment to the challenging set sequences designed to cleanse, purify the body and mind by creating internal heat corresponding with the eight limbed path. In Mysore students receive individualized instruction, adding new poses to your practice as you gain stamina, flexibility, strength, and focus.

  • Mysore

  • New to Mysore 

  • Ashtanga Half Primary

Ashtanga Mysore student practicing primary series in asana warrior A


Participants are encouraged to reserve for their spot before class. Sign up for a class  by logging into your account on the Approach App. or by climbing the link above. New participants may register on the Approach App by completing HiClimb Waiver (required for facility access).

Class Policies:

Our in-person classes allow a maximum of 15 students per class. Practitioners must bring their own mats and or rent one at the front desk for $5. HiClimb provides disinfectants, and a variety of props. Please clean your props and rental mats before and after class. Additionally, our yoga studio has an air ventilation system that is always running.

Etiquette and Preparation:

Please leave shoes outside the classroom and keep hygienic standards such as having a clean body, clothing and mat. Bare feet are encouraged. Please let the instructor know if you have any injuries or have had recent surgeries that might cause any pain or discomfort during a yoga session. The entryway of the studio should at all times be unvacated while a class is in session. Students are encouraged to come on an empty stomach, hydrated and with an open heart and mind. Please plan to arrive at least 5-15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.


Beginner (I)

  • Has had little exposure to yoga.

  • Looking for explicit demonstration of alignment and needs adjustments.

  • Eager to learn slow-paced fundamental poses and use of breath.

  •  Has rarely practiced yoga or is re-initiating into it. 

Intermediate (II)

  • Familiar with yoga fundamental vocabulary and postures.

  • Still may require demonstration and adjustments.

  •  Looking to become more comfortable with a wider variety of postures and styles of yoga.

  • Understands the relationship between breath and movement.

  •  Practices yoga intermittently.

Advanced (III)

  • Very familiar with yoga vocabulary, postures, and alignment.

  • Needs little demonstration and adjustments.

  • Comfortable with performing more advanced asana (posture).

  • Has mastered the connection between breath and movement.

  • Practice yoga regularly.

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