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Class offerings

Universal Yoga

The Universal Yoga method, created by Andrey Lappa, integrates all systems of Yoga. In this class, you’ll be guided through special sequencing of Asana combined with Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation.

Slow Flow/Deep stretch

The Slow Flow/Deep Stretch class works connecting deep stretching, and breath to movement. This guided exercise enhances recovery and strengthens your mental focus

for climbing.


Vinyasa focuses on alignment and breath. Designed to strengthen and challenge mind and body. In this class, you’ll be guided through a series of postures moving seamless using breath, known as flow.

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participant levels

Beginner (I)

  • Has had little exposure to yoga.

  • Looking for explicit demonstration of alignment and needs adjustments.

  • Eager to learn slow-paced fundamental poses and use of breath.

  •  Has rarely practiced yoga or is re-initiating into it. 

Intermediate (II)

  • Familiar with yoga fundamental vocabulary and postures.

  • Still may require demonstration and adjustments.

  •  Looking to become more comfortable with a wider variety of postures and styles of yoga.

  • Understands the relationship between breath and movement.

  •  Practices yoga intermittently.

Advanced (III)

  • Very familiar with yoga vocabulary, postures, and alignment.

  •  Needs little demonstration and adjustments.

  • Comfortable with performing more advanced asana (posture).

  • Has mastered the connection between breath and movement.

  • Practice yoga regularly.

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Meet your instructors

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Andrew Buckley

Vinyasa II

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Vinyasa I & II

Sarah Slow Flow Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.jpg

Sarah Osborne

Ashtanga & Slow Flow

Jovan Universal Yoga Ashtanga Mysore Teacher.jpg

Jovan Tevin

Ashtanga & Universal

Star Slow Flow Yoga Teacher.jpg

Star Brown

Slow Flow

Janee Vinyasa Slow Flow Yoga Teacher.jpg



Vinyasa I & Slow Flow

Lela Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (1).jpg



Vinyasa I


Hannah Seivers

Vinyasa II & Slow Flow