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Sharpen your climbing skills, build mobility and strength, deepen your mind body connection.

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Climbig Classes

Climbing Classes

Master the bouldering basics and start your climbing journey with our Learn to Boulder class and Bouldering Technique class!

Learn how to top rope belay and lead climb with our Learn the Ropes and Learn to Lead class. Both courses include two sessions and allow you to test out of your top rope and lead belay certifications.

Break through plateaus, hone in on your technique, and become a more well rounded climber with our climbing masterclasses. Our masterclasses are taught by expert climbers and allow you to receive direct feedback on your skills and technique!

Build healthy strength and mobility with our daily yoga classes! We offer many different styles of yoga including vinyasa, slow flow, universal and ashtanga yoga. Classes are included with your HiClimb membership and day pass.

Masterclasses are a great opportunity to dial in your yoga practice. Our experienced teachers curate the class according to their expertise and offer ample time and instruction on specific postures and techniques.

Workshops offer the perfect opportunity for students to receive more personalized instruction and feedback on their practice. Each workshop will focus on a specific set of postures or technique and are designed to be an interactive experience with time for questions and discussion.

Increase your stamina, balance, mobility and strength with our Functional Fitness class. This class provides a healthy mix of cardio, HIIT and active stretching to improve your climbing and overall health. Classes are included with your membership and day pass.

Join us for our mobility class focused on creating healthy, sustainable movements. This class offers a variety of exercises and stretches taught by an accredited physical therapist.

Sign up for a session with our Certified Personal Trainers for a 1:1 coaching experience. Personal training sessions can help you build strength, flexibility and add some off the wall training to aid you in your climbing journey.

Yoga Classes
Fitness & CPTS
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