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route setting

setting schedule

Fresh Sets!

Our route setting team works hard to keep things fresh by setting new routes 4 days per-week, every week! 

Monday: Rope Setting

Tuesday: Rope Setting

Wednesday: Maintenance

Thursday: Boulder Setting

Friday: Boulder Setting

The R.I.C Scale

All of the routes at HiClimb are set using the Risk, Intisity, and Complexity (R.I.C) Scale. This system provides setters with a higher level of understanding across all the climbs in the gym by improving the quality of climbs and creating a diverse climbing environment. 

The Team

Our route setting team consists of between 4 to 6 full-time and part-time setters. All of our setters have been professionally trained and have years of commercial experience from gyms across the globe (from New York City to Japan). 

The Community
Follow your friends, share your sends, track your progress, see who set which route/problem and get beta all in one place. 

Join Vertical Live App.


Hybrid Circuit System

HiClimb's hybrid circuit grading system categorizes each bouldering problem into a range of 3 possible V-grades. We believe this system exposes you, the climber, to a broader range of climbing styles and difficulties without the subjectivity that is often experienced with single V-grade routesetting. This broad approach encourages growth as a climber in and out of the gym. 

In the Gym

All of HiClimb's routes are monochromatic, meaning, each route uses the same color holds to ensure each route is easily distinguishable from other routes. However, a routes hold color does not always correlate to the routes difficulty. We use colored identification tags and matching colored tape to identify the routes difficulty, start and finish holds. If a route does not have an indicated finish hold, then the finish is the hand rail at the top of the wall.


Yosemite Decimal System

HiClimb's Yosemite Decimal System (YSD) follows the traditional YSD but with a small modification at the levels of 5.10 to 5.13. Instead of the traditional 'A, B, C, and D' difficulty subdivisions we use a '+ or -' indicator to denote an increase or decrease of the base difficulty. For example a 5.10+ is not quite a 5.11 but is harder than a 5.10. 

In the Gym

Our roped routes (top rope and lead) begin at 5.6 (easiest) and increase in difficulty to 5.13+ (hardests). Like our boulder routes, all of HiClimb's routes are monochromatic, meaning, each route uses the same color holds to ensure each route is easily distinguishable from other routes. 

route setters
andre hoyos

Route Setting Manager

rob Ueno

Lead Route Setter

Semaj thomas

Route Setter

Sara Route Setter
sara griffith

Lead Route Setter

Jack mcnamara

Head Coach & Route Setter

Deann Route Setter
deanne kennedy

Route Setter

Have questions or feedback for our setters?

Please email our Route Setting Manager, Andre Hoyos.

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