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The Operations Manager (OM) is 100% responsible for the success of the Experience Team, which is the voice, the face, and the heart of HiClimb. The Experience Team delivers the first impressions, teaches, manages risks, and guides our guests and members along their journeys with us while maintaining a clean and risk adverse environment. The OM is an expert on HiClimb procedures and polices and ensures their team is not only upholding them but operating cohesively. Additionally, the OM is pivotal in gym cleanliness and efficiency by ensuring supplies are available, sanitary, and climbing equipment is maintained and regularly inspected, and the rental fleet of harnesses, shoes and chalk is sustained. They also help develop and implement the direction of the whole organization in close collaboration with the management team.


This person is interested in self-development, continual improvement of communications, a critical thinker and problem solver.

Working Conditions

Duties require the availability to work a flexible schedule based on business needs and events, including working evenings and weekends. Duties will occur before and after regular business hours. The Operations Manager must be onsite 40 hours a week and be available to their team when at the gym via phone, text, email and/or other apps (Slack).

Essential Duties

This position is responsible for the experience of our guests. They will hire, train, schedule, coach, mentor, and actively lead the Experience Team in best practices for our guest experience as well as the Yoga and Fitness Coordinator who is the liaison to our independent instructors. This includes identifying gaps in existing procedures or fail points in execution and correcting or changing as needed.



  • Monitor interactions between our team and our members and guests to ensure we are providing an outstanding guest experience.

  • Coaching team members on standards and policies.

  • Ensure the facility is properly opened, managed, and closed

  • Adequately staffing the Experience team by checking and maintaining the daily schedule, including breaks and scheduled classes

  • Train and support the Experience Team in their use of our CRM and POS systems (Approach).

  • Practice and support risk management. Lead by example.

  • Act as Incident Manager in an emergency in the absence of the Owners or GM.

  • Implement a routine cleaning and inspection checklist for Experience team shifts.

  • Ensure all programs are prepared for and sufficiently supported in the event of an emergency.


  • Publish the Experience Team Schedule for the following two weeks.

  • Attend the regular managers meeting.

  • Participate in one-on-one with the General Manager.

  • Work with the Yoga & Fitness coordinator to make sure classes are successfully happening, meeting KPI and supplies for the program are available.

  • Audit and procure low-supplied items used for cleaning and general facility maintenance.

  • Inspect the facility and rental equipment to ensure it remains clean, functioning, and high-quality by using a maintenance schedule and the Experience Team daily check list.

  • Shadow classes and tours to ensure they are up to operational standards.


  • Ensure that HiClimb adheres to the financial and labor hour budgets for the Experience Team.

  • Pull the timeclock report for all Experience Team members and reconcile it against the scheduled times in WhenIWork.

  • Review the payroll report from the Yoga & Fitness coordinator and make sure it adheres to the KPI set for that branch.

As Needed

  • Interview, hire, train, manage, evaluate performance, and facilitate growth opportunities for the Experience Team as needed. This includes posting ads, scheduling interviews etc.

  • Communicate with all members of the HiClimb organization to ensure operational quality and consistency across the gym offerings. 

  • Refine training and documentation with managers. In regards to new procedures, you will provide resources to ensure all team members remain informed.

  • Regularly review and refresh incident protocols for Experience Team response including injury, natural catastrophes, and system brownouts.

  • Assist in organizing, scheduling, and staffing for HiClimb outbound events.

  • Manage the requests and execution of inbound events.

  • Collaborate with other departments on special projects including work done with community partners.

  • Coordinate with the Community Manager as promotions occur to ensure the Experience Team is trained accordingly.

  • Coordinate spot-cleaning efforts when gym areas are in disarray.

  • Foster team cohesion across all breaches of the organization including organization of team appreciation meetings, town halls, etc.


  • Develop and maintain an excellent understanding of guest pathways and touchpoints.

  • Identify and rectify guest pain points.

  • Serve as a resource and guide for the Experience Team.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 years personnel management experience in the service and/or experience industry including:

    • hiring,

    • scheduling,

    • payroll,

    • team development and training

  • Highly proficient in web and app-based management tools (including Microsoft office, CRM, Google Suite, Approach [or other virtual POS systems])

  •  Ability to carry up to 35 lbs.

  • A basic understanding of accounting principles

  • Climbing experience required


The pay shall be as follows: 

  • First 90 Days: Salary of $52,000

  • After 90 Days of satisfactory performance: Salary of $55,000 

  • Healthcare plan with Kaiser or a similar plan with another vendor. 

  • Complimentary membership for a significant other or family member

  • Daily buddy passes

  • Paid time off (PTO):

    • 12 holidays (these holidays bank if worked)

    • 5 days of PTO starting after onboarding

    • 10 days of PTO each year after completing 1 year of full-time work. They will have 5 days in their
      first year. These do rollover but each employee can only have a maximum of 10 days accrued at
      any time.

  • One month paid sabbatical every 3 years of full-time service.​

  • This is the most fun you will have at a job.

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