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Membership Change Request:

Looking to make a change to your membership? Please fill out the form below

Note: Membership billing occurs on a month-to-month basis. Any changes requested will be applied to the following month.

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Upload Military Orders

Submitted. Please allow 48 Hours for a response

Please allow Support at least 2 business days for response.

1. Freezing incurs a $10 per month fee. Memberships can only be Frozen on a month to month basis (First day - Last day of each month), we cannot pro-rate for mid-month freezes. If you are freezing due to military orders please upload your orders to waive the $10 fee. 

2. Memberships can only be canceled and frozen on a month to month basis (First day - Last day of each month), if canceled or frozen mid-month you will continue to enjoy full access to the gym and member perks until the end of the month.

3. Unfreezing can not be scheduled more than a week in advance. Please submit a separate request to unfreeze your membership. After the first seven days of a subsequent month of freezing your membership will be prorated for the remainder of the month. A membership must be frozen for at least one month to have an unfreezing prorated. 

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