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Hawaii Climbing League

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Hawaii Climbing League:

Established June 2023, the Hawaii Climbing League promotes FUN, CLIMBING and COMMUNITY.

HCL is open to all climbers of all skill levels. It is a casual league focused on participation, improvement and camaraderie with an element of competition. 

Our mascot, Molly, embodies the values of HiClimb and the spirit of the Hawaii Climbing League. If you have climbed with us, you probably have seen Molly prancing around the gym, greeting everyone with a friendly smile. Molly's person is Steven Dauck, one of the owners of HiClimb. True to her Corgi breed, Molly is outgoing and playful. She is also short. Molly is a true testament that anyone can climb. Climbing takes technique, courage and problem solving skills. Molly encourages you to shake off those doubts and climb on.  

Create your pack and join today! With each team registration, all participants will receive the collector's Molly t-shirt. If you wear your shirt at a participating sponsor's establishment, you can enjoy great discounts on favorite treats. 

See you on the wall!

Season 1

  • June 11 - July 30


  • May 20 - June 4

  • Teams of 4

  • $35 per team member, collector's shirt included

  • Free agents will be combined to make a team


  • Each Sunday from 6:30 p.m. to close (9:30 p.m.), each team will meet up to climb the new sets of the week

  • The newly set wall will be highlighted on Kaya and will be labeled in the gym


  • Each team participant will need to download the Kaya app and create a profile if you do not have one already

  • Establish your handicap. EX: If a climber has a V5 handicap, they will receive 100 points for a V5. If they have a V10 handicap, they will receive 100 points for a V10. Each grade deviation is +/- 10 points.

  • Kaya will automatically adjust your handicap as ascents are made and your climbing skills advance

Point System

  • Points are only earned by completing a problem from start to finish (two hand control of the finish).

  • You must show control of the start hold(s) before moving to the next hold.

  • T-nuts in the wall and in volumes are off.

  • In order to count, your attempts and sends must be witnessed by another individual. If no one is available as a witness, you can video record your send and upload it to Kaya.

Raffle System

  • Each climber will receive a raffle for each Sunday of League climbing attended

  • At the Awards Party, the winning team with the highest points will be announced and hold the coveted Hawaii Climbing League trophy and hold a place on the HCL Wall

  • Raffle prizes will be drawn for participants; the more you attend, the more chances to win


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