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Experience Team

What is an experience team member?

The Experience Team Member is the voice and the face of HiClimb. This Team Member is responsible for the experience of the HiClimb members and guests. Experience Team Members will work closely with the General Manager (GM) to develop their own style of greeting and sales funnel for every guest and member they work with.

Experience Team Members are also responsible for routine risk management, guest services, the physical organization and cleanliness of all guest areas. Experience Team Members will also be called on to prepare and assist in events such as competitions, classes and children’s programs. Individuals should be sociable and efficient.

Highly socialized individuals who prefer working in team environments is required.

Experience is preferred but not required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Experience team

  • Greet members and guests upon arrival and departure

  • Presenting value-matched guest to products/services

  • Deliver phenomenal guest experiences from check-in to check-out including

    • the sales of day passes, memberships, retail and classes,

    • delivery of facility orientation

    • delivery of class curriculums

    • mentorship/sales of next steps on the instructional pathway

    • group exercise schedules

    • risk mitigation on the climbing floor

  • Stay up-to-date on all gear, technical skills and techniques and curriculum guidelines

  • Teach engaging and high-quality classes that offer a varied and knowledgeable education in the sport of climbing and the HiClimb community

  • Develop and maintain knowledge of every experience, event, access item, membership and retail offering, including the process to sell in MindBody Online

  • Applying facility operational knowledge required to maintain the facility, manage retail, run events/programming, distribute gear and other operational duties

  • Organize and clean member and guest areas



  • A thorough understanding of the HiClimb class curriculum, practices, and SOP’s

  • Perform regularly scheduled Learn The Ropes classes, Intro To Climbing and Auto Belay Usage

In-Facility, You Will:

  • Be an active climber and a promoter of good climbing etiquette through the proper use of equipment, shoes, harness and belay card

  • Project a positive, constructive attitude, embrace change and present solutions to pain points that will enable the success of your team or deliver increased community value

  • Be a team player that advocates for the success of every team member

  • Manage risk in the facility including risk mitigation, deescalating risky situations, and performing belay certifications

  • Organize and support events for members, crews and other community happenings

  • Manage guest and member data in MindBody Online and in CRM systems as required

Off-site events, You Will:

  • Represent HiClimb at lead-generating events

  • Identify and cultivate leads and relationships with corporate partners

  • Be an ambassador for the HiClimb brand and the sport of climbing, acting as a connector and mentor to our community

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience giving product presentations and other basic sales skills, including identifying and creating value matched offers

  • 1+ years’ experience in sales

  • Experience using MindBody Online (or another POS system) and/or CRM software for account management

  • Knowledge and experience in the rock climbing and/or fitness industries

  • Interest in learning or developing rock climbing skills, experiencing what HiClimb offers, and a passion for sharing HiClimb’s mission with others

The requirements to make you eligible to become an instructor:

  • Minimum of 30 climbs in the past year

  • Ability to top rope belay with a manual braking device or an assisted braking device

  • Ability to tie the figure eight follow through and familiarity with the figure eight on a bight and overhand on a bight

  • Have personal climbing equipment that’s in good condition including:

    • Climbing Harness

    • Climbing shoes

    • 1 manual braking belay device (e.g. an ATC, ATC Guide, Reverso, etc.)


  • Starting compensation based on experience and expertise

  • Complimentary membership for a significant other or family member

  • Daily buddy passes

  • Free access to youth programs for children of employees when vacancies exist and at management's discretion

  • Company offered health care for full time employees

  • Paid time off (PTO) policies: 11 holidays (paid time and a half for hourly employees) and 10 days of PTO:

  • Full-time hourly employees receive 10 days of PTO each year after completing 2 years of their full-time work. These do not roll over

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